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Gordon MacKenzie

(American, born Canada 1933-1999)
Bringing the Pieces Together, 1986

corten steel, 76.5 x 168 x 24 inches; 182 x 148.5 x 30 inches.

Gordon MacKenzie was initially hired as a Hallmark sketch artist. For the next thirty years, he tenaciously shared his creative energy in a variety of roles, working as a writer, illustrator, director, and most famously as the company’s “Creative Paradox” – a title he devised, enabling him to act as a “liaison between the chaos of creativity and the discipline of business.” Until his retirement from Hallmark in 1991, MacKenzie advocated for active experimentation and discovery within a corporate work environment.

In 1986, MacKenzie was asked to design an artwork for the exterior of Hallmark’s Rice Innovation Center, resulting in Bringing the Pieces Together, the large puzzle-shaped sculpture on the lawn at 27th Street and Gillham Road.

I thought about why [Hallmark’s Rice Innovation Center] was built: to bring people, technology, and product together to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. It’s all about finding pieces that fit. What better way to illustrate this interlocking of elements than with a puzzle?

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