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Daniel Dove

(American, born 1971)
Overlap (Version 2), 2006

oil on canvas, 72 x 96 inches

Daniel Dove is drawn to unusual juxtapositions within the everyday urban environment. A chance encounter with an intriguing place will inspire him to make sketches and photographs, which he reimagines in his studio with the aid of scale models and computer software. He then carefully translates those composite images into a painting, adding random smears and splatters of paint to his compositions to foster a more intuitive working process. As a result, realistic objects seem to intertwine with purely abstract brushstrokes in paintings such as this, conveying a space in a continual state of flux. The playground equipment that is the centerpiece of Overlap is an apt metaphor for Dove’s creative process, in which the element of play is an essential part.

My recent paintings depict mutated versions of typical city environments. I long for the possibility of extraordinary ideas and tableaux emerging from muddy parking lots, modular homes and plastic playsets. . . I seek to amplify the experience of the everyday world, finding a new subject in the resulting distortions.

From a statement by the artist for Hallmark Art Collection.
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