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Gabriele Evertz

(American, born in Germany, 1945)
Advance, 1998

acrylic on shaped canvas, 70 1/2 x 86 1/8 inches overall

The powerful interaction of color is of primary interest to Gabriele Evertz. Her paintings spring to life through the rhythmic orchestration of contrasting hues, often presented in a high degree of saturation. Her art moves us as a result, producing stimulating visual sensations. Advance is comprised of three repeating sequences of stripes, each one offset slightly from the other. As our mind attempts to align the colors, a stroboscopic effect occurs – the stripes appear to advance or shift, an illusion further enhanced by the oblique canvas shape.

Gabriele Evertz was born in Germany and now teaches color theory at Hunter College in New York City. She carries on a tradition of color abstraction that originated in Europe with the Bauhaus in the 1920s and came to fruition internationally with the Op Art movement of the 1960s. “Optical” paintings such as Advance place the viewer at the center of the aesthetic equation, making our own perceptual response the ultimate subject of her art.

My painting intentionally addresses the viewer’s physicality. The sudden color shifts and light emanations that come with immersive viewing are the rewards the painting bestows. . . Emphasizing color intensity and existential expression, my work has as its goal a certain kind of rapture.

From a statement by the artist written for Hallmark Art Collection.
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