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Julia Wachtel

(American, born 1956)
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China (May, 1989), from the suite precariously close to 5 billion points of confusion, 1990

screenprint with photolithography, 22 x 29.75 inches

To learn more about Julia Wachtel, see Landscape No. 3 (History).

In a simple and direct way greeting card images are about expression. First their function is to express something: congratulations, I miss you, I love you and so on. Second their visual form is highly expressive. The cartoon characters I’ve been using, the sort of hapless souls with distorted bodies are a good example. It fascinates me how easily form conveys expression through such simple means.

From an interview with the artist by Claudia Gould in HALLWALLS: Richard Armijo, G. Roger Denson, Carroll Dunham, Catherine Howe, John Miller, Aura Rosenberg, Kiki Smith, Julie Wachtel, Ada Whitney, published by HALLWALLS, Buffalo, New York, 1983, p. 16.
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Julia Wachtel, Culture, History, Humor, Cartoons, Postmodernism, Social Commentary, Print, Lithograph, Screenprint, 1990s,