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Jennifer Steinkamp

(American, born 1958)
Mike Kelley 15, 2008

computer animated projection, dimensions variable

Jennifer Steinkamp is a pioneer in the new medium of digital video art. Using her own computer codes, she creates dramatic animations of trees, flowers, and waves that distort and amplify our true experience of the world. The result is a vision of nature artificially reconstructed through technology. Projected onto walls in both interior and exterior spaces, her digital art transforms our surroundings while immersing us in its moving spectacle.

Steinkamp has dedicated several series of tree animations to influential teachers in her life. This work is named in honor of the artist Mike Kelley, with whom she studied at Art Center College of Art and Design in Pasadena, California. Jennifer Steinkamp is now a teacher in Design and Media Arts at UCLA, where she emphasizes concept over technology, believing that software can lead students to “visualize motion and ideas they have never contemplated.” Mike Kelley 15 is the first electronic artwork to enter the Hallmark Art Collection.

I definitely want you to become part of the work. You play an important role. As you realize your participation, you also understand that you have experienced a shift in perception. The work can alter your mental state. That is the ideal response I would like from a viewer.

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