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Daniel Arsham

(American, born 1980)
Skirt, 2008

mixed media installation, dimensions variable

Daniel Arsham creates paintings, sculptures, and installations that provoke us to think differently about the spaces we inhabit. Through his clever manipulation, durable building materials such as marble, wood, and drywall appear to transform into pliable or animated structures. The wall in Skirt, for instance, metamorphoses into rippling drapery, making the solid surface appear flexible and light enough for a child to lift.

In addition to surreal artworks such as this, Arsham creates unorthodox architectural spaces with his design partnership, Snarkitecture, whose clients have included Dior Homme in Los Angeles and the Florida Marlins ballpark in Miami. His visionary art also extended into the realm of theatre when he worked with the avant-garde choreographer Merce Cunningham, designing sets for his dance company during its final years.

If you can take something that someone already knows and alter it slightly, it begins this process where they think of almost everything in that way, that these things can be changed and manipulated. It’s a fantasy of what this architecture is meant to make us feel.

From Daniel Arsham: The Artist, an interview in Whitewall magazine, Spring, 2010, pp. 82-83.
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