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Tony Matelli, Abandon Weed, 2008


Abandon Weed

Cheryl Hawkinson

So, how’d you get this gig?
I dunno. Just hangin’ around
in an empty lot. Guy came along
and jerked me out. You?
I was stuck in a sidewalk crack,
all peaceful like. Got whisked away,
just like you.
Heck of a deal, huh?
Tell me about it.
Kind of peaceful, though.
Except for the humans
and their big tromping feet.
And the janitor—he sweeps
a little too close for comfort.
Still, it’s a pretty good gig.
Oh, no doubt about that.
Plenty of light. Quiet at night.
No flowers to lord it over us.
Yeah, that’s the best. No flowers.
No prissy, preening
“Aren’t I beautiful?” flowers.
It’s good to be a weed.
It’s honest work.
We photosynthesize like anyone else.
Damn straight.