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Joe Lasker, Greetings from Within, 1949


Greetings from Within

Denise Chevalier

A boy needs only a fingernail
and a frosty windowpane
to share the joys of the season.
Simple scribbles
hold magical messages

J loves M
…and also trains.

Santa is always jolly, but
Skinny Santa = funnier.
Also funny: a little guy carrying a humongous fish.

Fun zig-zags = trees.
Quick circles and lines make them pretty for Christmas.

Put a cat under any Christmas tree and it looks like home.

Airplanes and big ocean liners are fun to dream about
but a bike or scooter fits better in Santa’s sleigh.

A warm hand will open an enchanted porthole.
You can see Christmas all around,
Christmas is almost here!